Banana Island Accommodation

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Accommodation available on site

Banana Divers is housed at Daltons Banana Guesthouse. The guest house has 8 double rooms, a well-stocked restaurant and a small bar. Although the guest house aims to retain budget prices (luxury rooms at 350.000 Le standard rooms at 200.000 Le and budget rooms at 100.000 Le) it is well run and the quality of service is well above its price tag.

For reservations/information call 076278120

  • Luxury rooms                     350.000Le  
  • Standard double rooms     200.000Le
  • Budget double rooms        100.000Le
  • Family  room                   150.000Le




Eggs, fried potatoes or/and plantain, bread, tea or coffee           35.000Le

Oats with fruit/honey, tea or coffee                                               35.000 Le




Grilled fish with pasta/couscous/rice and sauce                               45.000Le

Pasta/couscous/rice and sauce                                                         35.000Le 

Fish Tanjin                                                                                            45.000Le

Lobster with pasta/couscous/rice and sauce                                     140.000Le

Foul                                                                                                      35.000Le

Hummous                                                                                              35.000Le

Fried sausages                                                                                       35.000Le

Lentil soup                                                                                               40.000Le





Soft drinks and juice                                                                                 10.000Le

Fresh juice  10.000le

Fresh smoothie 15.000le 

Star beer                                                                                                   10.000Le

Carlsberg 500ml                                                                                      20.000Le

Wine (bottle)                                                                                          100.000Le

Mineral water 1.5 lit                                                                                  10.000Le

 15% GST will be added to the total of your bill

Accommodation Sierra Leone can be overpriced in generally. The diving resort aims to maintain budget accommodation of high standards and and in this way contribute to budget tourism infrastructure in Sierra Leone. Although it is a charming beach resort, visitors should expect to find little luxury in Banana Island accommodation. The natural beauty and the good spirit of the hospitality however make up for the compromise of comforts. We hope all guests have a lovely holiday in Sierra Leone.

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