West Africa Sport Fishing

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Sport Fishing in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone offers some of the richest fishing grounds in the world. Recreational fishing for novice and the experienced angler in Sierra Leone is at its best. Devoted anglers are often surprised when they first try fishing in Sierra Leone. The catch is greater than expectations for fishermen that have only been fishing elsewhere. For the inexperienced fishermen, the experience will be overwhelming with fish commonly exceed 10kg. With 9 boats and skillful fishing guides, recreational fishing is a 'not to be missed' activity in Sierra Leone. For extreme fishing expeditions and the most demanding anglers there is the nearby  Beach Resort  where passionate fishing is coming alive.    



A sport fishing trip can be the highlight of the holiday.

fishing against the dramatic views of the tropical forest!

West Africa nurtures some of the biggest baraccudas


angling can be a perfect leisure activity for holidays in Sierra Leone


The resort imports regularly sport fishing equipment from overseas to ensure that anglers will meet all necessary gear on the island. However it is advisable to bring equipment of your preferences, as west Africa and Sierra Leone in particular do not have a fishing tackle supplier industry to cover recreational hobbies such as fishing. The boats of the resort vary on size and can be adapted to the fishing trip planned. The shallow continental shelf and the two big rivers north and east of Banana Island make a superb fishing ground  and place the resort in an advantage for game fishing.